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Any person that resides in Thomas Township, surrounding areas and residents of the service area of the White Pine Library Cooperative ( can apply for a card.  A library card applicant must present photo identification containing their name, and current address.  In the case of a minor child under the age of 18 or a dependent person, the parent or legal guardian must present their photo identification.  There is a $3.00 charge for a replacement card.

No library card shall be issued to a minor person or dependent without the written consent and acceptance of responsibility for all fines, fees and losses against the card by the minor’s parent or legal guardian.

All library cards are the property of the Thomas Township Library.

Your library card must be presented to check out circulating library materials, renew, place holds and pay existing fines and fees.

A first-time card holder can check out two items on their initial visit.

Borrowing library materials available for circulation shall not be restricted because of age, gender, race, religion, political affiliation or personal viewpoints.  Parents may restrict the materials that their children and only their children may borrow.  It is the duty of the parents to monitor any restrictions on their children.  It is not the duty of the library staff.

All borrowed items are to be returned back to the Thomas Township Library.

Circulating materials listed in the catalog, but currently checked out, may be placed on reserve or hold by a library cardholder.  Reserves or holds may be placed either in person, by telephone or online at the library website.  Patrons will be contacted by phone, email or U.S. Mail when their hold is available.  Patrons will have five business days in which to retrieve materials once they have been contacted.  If unclaimed in the allotted time, the item will be offered to the next patron on the list or returned to the shelf for circulation.

Library materials may be renewed twice, only if they are not on reserve for other patrons.  Patrons can renew an item in person at the library, by telephone or accessing your library account through our website.  The request to renew must be made before the material is overdue.

Late charges for adult and teen materials are $.10 cents per day, and late charges for children’s items are $.05 cents per day.  Overdue fees for visual media are $1.00 per day.  An item returned before the close of business on the day that it is due will not be assessed a fine.   Fines are capped at $5.00 per item.  No fines are charged on the days the library is closed.  Borrowing privileges will be paused until and fines and fees are paid in full.  A book return is located to the right of the main entrance doors for patron convenience 24/7.  Deposit items individually, not in bags, and only items belonging to the Thomas Township Library. 

Any cardholder who borrows materials from the Thomas Township Library is responsible for returning those materials in a timely manner and in good condition.  When a patron fails to return borrowed material or reports it lost, the patron will make restitution to the library by paying for the materials.   

A patron will be required to pay for damages when any library material is returned beyond repair or no longer usable.  This includes book jackets and pockets, date due cards, removed barcodes, hang-up bags, CDs etc.  The patron may request the damaged material upon payment for the material.

Patron borrowing will be paused until all fines and fees are paid in full. 

Cash or check is accepted as payment.