FOIA Policy

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FOIA Policy Summary

Thomas Township Library

  1. Purpose

It is the intent of the Thomas Township Library to perform public business in an open and public manner as required by Michigan’s Freedom of Information, Act 442 of 1976, and as amended. This Policy prescribes the Library’s procedures for responding to written public records requests made pursuant to FOIA.

  1. Scope

This Policy applies to the Thomas Township Library whenever a written request for public records is made under Michigan’s FOIA law. This Policy does not apply to any records that are exempt from disclosure such as, but not limited to:

  • Specific personal information about an individual if the release would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of that individual’s privacy.
  • Records that may be exempted from disclosure by another statute. (Note: statutes which expressly prohibit public disclosure of records generally supersede the FOIA.)
  • Information subject to attorney-client privilege.
  • Pending public bids to enter into contracts.
  • Records that would disclose the social security number of an individual.
  1. Access

Public records shall be open to inspection and copying during the Library’s regular business hours by the custodian of the requested public records. Reasonable access to and reasonable facilities for copying of these records shall be provided.  The Library shall provide reasonable assistance in identifying and locating public records in accordance with this Policy.

  1. Form of FOIA Requests

All FOIA requests shall be made in writing.

All FOIA requests must include the date of request, the name of the person making the request, a complete address and phone number at which the requesting person can be contacted.

All FOIA requests shall adequately describe the records sought in sufficient detail to enable the Library to locate such records with reasonable effort. The requesting party shall be as specific as possible when requesting records. To assist the Library in locating the requested records, the Library may request that the requesting party provide additional information known to the requesting party, such as the types of records, dates, parties to correspondence, and subject matter of the requested records.

A FOIA request will be answered within 5 business days after receiving it. If needed, the Library will notify the requester in writing and extend the time for an additional 10 business days.

Fees: Fees may be charged as permitted by law.

$.10 per sheet for duplication

Hourly rate for searching, separating and deleting non-exempt information from exempt

information, reproducing and postage will be set according 2015 PA 563.

If a request must be denied, the Library will respond to the requester with an explanation of the reasons for the denial and the requester’s right to submit a written appeal to the head of the public body (Board President) or to seek judicial review with the right to receive attorney fees and collect damages.

  1. Forms available free-of-charge, upon request:

FOIA Request for Public Records

Notice of Denial of FOIA Request

FOIA Appeal Form – To Appeal a Denial of Records

FOIA Appeal Form – To Appeal an excess Fee

FOIA Request Detailed Cost Itemization

  1. Submit requests to:

Tari Dusek
Director/FOIA Coordinator

8207 Shields Drive
Saginaw, MI 48603

Phone (989) 781-3770
Fax (989) 781-3881