June 2, 2023

Library Reopening Phases

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Phase 1: The Return of Materials
Patrons with items checked from Feb. 1 were sent notices.
Temporary outside book return now
available limited hours.

Phase 2: Curbside Service
Starting Mon., June 29th.
Order materials by phone or online.
An appointment will be made for pick up.  The outside book return is now open 24/7.

Phase 3: Limited Opening at 25% Occupancy
Must wear a mask to enter building.
Social distancing required.
No in-person programs. Limited computer use.
Furniture rearranged or removed.
No toys available.

Phase 4: Limited Opening at 50% Occupancy
All Phase 3 guidelines apply.

Phase 5: Business As Usual
All public computers will be available.
Programs will resume.
MelCat interloan service will resume.
The meeting room will be available.
Furniture will be brought back.

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